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Streamline your IT

Make IT your competitive advantage

A great tech infrastructure has the power to set apart a business from its competition. Use your technology as a tool to get ahead and stay ahead.

Apps and Programs
Get programs that business needs to succeed, while backing-up and storing all application data. From web-based email to accounting apps, or CRM and ERP programs, Proceon can recommend install, and support a many apps and programs, giving your business the most out of its software to help it build an additional competitive edge.
Training & Documentation
Proceon can provide training and documentation of your environment for your employees. Documentation can be on- or off-line, while training can be onsite, online, or one-on-one. If required, Proceon can also assist you in developing an online documentation portal using one of the currently available tools that best fits your requirements.
Systems Migration
Upgrading or migrating IT systems is necessary to keep up with the rapid pace of change in business, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Proceon will handle the planning, building, and execution of a system change to make the retiring or migration of old systems and applications seamless and safe.
Systems Consolidation
Optimize technology for the way you do business to reduce cost and complexity. We will asses all of your systems to check for overlap, then integrate them and design solutions that will allow you to reduce the number of systems and software you have, while ensuring all systems are working together, for you.